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Welcome to the Cornish Crabbers Club
For owners and admirers of all boats built by Cornish Crabbers
Hi Folks,

Unfortunately I have some very bad news regarding the Crabbers Club Ning site and our forum
( cornishcrabbersclub.ning.com )
Following on from Cornish Crabbers going into voluntary liquidation it is most likley that the whole of our Ning site will disappear in a very few days. Our site was owned and inextricably linked to CC LLP. The CC LLP site has already closed and ours is due to follow

On a positive note our Cornish Crabbers Club website
( cornishcrabbersclub.co.uk ) will continue for the foreseeable future

In addition I host the Cornish Crabber Owners group page on Facebook
( www.facebook.com/groups/117548914947248 ), this is the page first started by Malc Aindow many moons ago. It is a very active group of Crabber owners who share information in much the same way as we did here and I would encourage you all to join that group. I recognise some of you are already members there

Thank you for your participation in the club and wishing you all a good season's sailing in 2024

David H.
CCC Webmaster
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