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Welcome to the Cornish Crabbers Club
For owners and admirers of all boats built by Cornish Crabbers
Member Sales on the forum
Our membership has asked for a 'Member Sales' section of our website. To accommodate this safely, without exposing your contact details to the whole world, we have embedded it in the secure Forum part of the website.

Any items that are made available for sale must meet the following criteria:
Adverts may be placed by Club members only, who are acting in a private capacity (No traders allowed).

The maximum price for items advertised is £500.

All items offered for sale must be sailing-related

Items must be second-hand

Up to three photos may be included with the advert, subject to the site’s 5MB limit.

The vendor must give a contact email address and/or a contact phone number (Forum messaging should not be used for this purpose).
Adverts will remain on the Forum for a maximum of 3 calendar months. Time extensions or re-advertisements may be permitted, subject to demand for advertising space.

People with items for sale should email forsale@cornishcrabbersclub.co.uk

Once your items sells we suggest that you make a small donation to the club via the donation page